h1. icalendar

h2. What

This gem implements the iCalendar specification (RFC-2445) in Ruby. This allows for the generation and parsing of .ics files, which are used by a variety of calendaring applications.

h2. How

Please see “the README”:github.com/icalendar/icalendar/blob/master/README.rdoc for more information.

h2. Installing

<pre syntax=“ruby”>sudo gem install icalendar</pre>

h2. How to submit patches

Please submit pull requests on github from a rebased topic branch

<pre>git clone git://github.com/sdague/icalendar.git</pre>

h3. Build and test instructions

<pre>cd icalendar rake test rake install_gem</pre>

h2. License

This code is free to use under the terms of the GPL or BSD licenses.

Please see the “COPYING”:github.com/icalendar/icalendar/blob/master/COPYING file for more information.